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Bed Hog & Other Tales is now! This is the third book in our Pat & Pals collection! Click the button below to be taken to the book's Amazon page for purchase!

The Pat & Pals Series

Check out more from this dyslexia friendly graphic novel series Sue and I are working on!
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Digital illustrations and designs!


The "Mango" behind Mangoyu Art is an artist living in San Diego, CA who enjoys making very fun, very silly, very wholesome doodles. Mango was imported from Vietnam in 2002 and has since lived with her family of mangos in the sunny So-Cal town. She is wickedly in love with drawing animals, nature, and fun, whimsical characters!Mango spent the 2020 pandemic online happily bothering wrestlers with funny cartoon drawings of them, blissfully unaware that someday the beloved world-famous Sue (mother of wrestler Trent Beretta) would discover her silly wrestling doodles. Two years later, Sue would ask Mango to join her on the exciting adventure of illustrating a children’s books for children with dyslexia. The duo are still going strong and are gleefully scheming to add many more stories to their Pat & Pals collection!

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